White Collar Crime

Healthcare and Insurance Fraud

Healthcare fraud and insurance fraud are criminally prosecuted by some of the best attorneys employed by the state and federal governments. In addition, the healthcare industry and insurance industry also pursue severe civil lawsuits in regard to fraud. In fact, the health care industry and the insurance industry have their own anti-fraud associations, and the insurance industry is known for sparing no expense in insurance fraud investigations.

Our Firm has the experience, knowledge and background to successfully defend anyone prosecuted for healthcare and insurance fraud, both in criminal and civil proceedings. We are not just a criminal law firm; we are also a top notch civil defense firm that regularly achieves the best results possible for our clients.

Insurance Fraud Defense

Successfully defending any fraud case combines a keen understanding of the law as well as skill in the court room. Insurance fraud can take many forms, and defending such claims requires knowledge of accounting, insurance industry standards, investigation techniques and more. Our Firm employs a well respected team of expert witnesses, each of whom provides an unparalleled knowledge of his or her field.

Insurance fraud charges can involve life insurance, healthcare insurance, automobile insurance, property insurance, council compensation claims and more. Our white collar attorney team understands insurance laws, both state and federal, including Section 1347 of Title 18 in the United States Code. 

Healthcare Fraud Defense

Healthcare fraud defense is unique in that it is an ever-changing area of the law. It is estimated that ten cents of every dollar is spent on fraudulent healthcare claims. While this number may be wildly exaggerated, it does suggest that federal authorities and healthcare companies will stop at nothing to prosecute such claims. Congressional Legislation on this white collar crime can change depending upon any new healthcare statutes. For example, the current debate regarding healthcare reform will undoubtedly alter healthcare fraud statutes.